Common Issues for HVAC Repair in Polk County, FL

When you do HVAC repair in Polk County, FL, there is never a dull day on the job. From units that are loud, clanging, and just plain noisy, to hot air being expelled from an air conditioning unit on the warmest day of the summer, our job as repair technicians is definitely not boring. However, there are some common things we see when we get called for repair jobs that are an easier fix than some home or building owners might think initially. Here are some of the most common HVAC issues we see for repair jobs and what could be causing them in your system.

No air coming from the system – One of the most frequent issues we see for HVAC repair in Polk County, FL, is little to no air coming from an air conditioning unit. Many times, the onset of this causes panic in a homeowner because it is the warmest time of year or it happens suddenly with a loud, banging noise. Whatever the case may be, this issue is one that has a few probable causes that are simple to locate. One of the first places to check when you are not receiving any air flow from your unit is the condenser. It does not matter if your unit is indoors or outdoors, the condenser can become blocked by debris, such as leaves, dust, or really anything else. Check to make sure something is not blocking your system’s condenser, and you could save yourself a hefty repair bill. Of course, if the obstruction cannot be easily removed or is too large for you to handle, it is always best to call the professionals to assess the situation for you.

The air flow is there, but not steady – Another common problem we see in air conditioning systems is that the air flow is present, but the amount or temperature of the air coming out of the unit is not what it should be. When you are a professional for HVAC repair in Polk County, FL, no air conditioning job should be taken lightly because of the extreme temperatures our area can reach during the spring and summer seasons. However, if there is not enough air flowing from your unit, there could be a few things contributing to it. First, always check to see if any vents, ducts, or condensers are blocked on the unit, and remove the issue if possible. If that is not the case, sometimes it can be an issue with your unit’s blower motor fan that is causing the minimal air flow through your home. Whether the fan is damaged or just needs to be cleaned, it is always important to call the professionals to come out and help with the issue. Regular maintenance on your unit can help to prevent this when it is being used to its full capacity.

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