Saving Money on Your AC Bill This Summer

The warmer months in Polk County have finally arrived, but that means that your air conditioning unit will be getting a workout. With your HVAC repair in Polk County FLair conditioner going to keep your home cool from the summer heat, it also means your wallet can take a hit from the higher utility bills during this season. Here are some ways that you can cut costs on your air conditioning bill during higher temperatures this year.

Invest in insulation – If your home is lacking the right insulation to keep it cool during the summer, you could be throwing your money towards high utility bills. A quick fix to keeping the colder temperatures inside of your home is to make sure your interior walls and attic are adequately insulated.

Close doors – Another way to lower your air conditioning bill for the warmer months is to close doors after you leave a room. If you do not have a central air unit cooling your home, this tip is especially important. Closing doors helps to keep the cold air contained to the area where you are and prevent it from being spread out. This allows your air conditioning system work more efficiently and helps it to use less power.

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Things You Have to Do Before Turning on Your AC This Year

Before the summer season hits and the weather starts perking up, it is essential to check your home or business’ air conditioning unit. Not air conditioning repair in Polk Countyonly do you want to make sure it is still running correctly before you turn it on for the year, but you also want to check specific areas of the unit before powering up as well. Here are some things that you should do before turning your AC unit on for the summer.

Take a look at the filter – One thing we recommend before switching on your AC is to look at the air filter on your unit. If the filter itself is extremely dirty or damaged, it may need to be replaced. Inspecting this before turning your air conditioner on for the season can help to keep allergens out of your home or business’ air.

Look at the drain lines – Something else you should do before the warmer months hit is to check your AC unit’s drain lines. The drain lines help to keep moisture away from the unit and can get clogged with debris, dirt, or dust throughout the year. A clog in one of your drain lines can mean that your system becomes backed up, which would cause a water leak and potential damage to the surrounding areas.

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Preparing Your HVAC System for Spring

When it comes to preparing your home for the spring and summer months, there are certain things you know to do to make sure everything is HVAC repair in Polk County FLclean. However, when it comes to your HVAC system, do you know how to maintain it, so it properly functions for the upcoming season? Here are some tips on how to correctly prepare your HVAC equipment for spring.

Take off the covers – If you are preparing your AC unit for spring and summer, remember to remove the outside cover that goes over your unit during the colder months before turning it on. While the cover protects your equipment during the winter months from moisture and extreme temperature, it can severely damage your AC if you turn it on with something covering it. Make it a point to remove your AC unit’s seasonal protection before using your cooling system for the summer, so you do not end up with overheating condenser coils or debris backup in your home.

Clear out the vents – One thing that should be done at the beginning and end of each season is cleaning out your HVAC equipment’s vents. Regardless of what season you are beginning or ending, the vents of it will back up with dust, debris, and other seasonal things that can cause your unit to malfunction.  It is essential to do this before spring because of the increase in pollen and other allergens that the season brings along with it, which can build up in your HVAC vents.

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How to Dispose of Your Old Air Conditioning Unit

getting rid of an old AC unit With the warmer months right around the corner, it is vital that you check to see if your air conditioning is functioning correctly. If your unit is not working the way it should and you need to dispose of it, there are plenty of safe, environmentally-friendly ways to get rid of your old air conditioner. Here are a few options on how to throw out your malfunctioning AC unit the right way.

Recycle it – One of the safest ways to get rid of your old air conditioning unit is to recycle it. Despite the age and size of the unit, all air conditioners have some form of cooling refrigerant, which can be a toxic chemical to the environment and you. It is essential to get rid of your air conditioner in a recycling facility that will know how to recondition it in a way that takes into consideration this chemical and makes sure it is safe for the environment.

Have a specialist take it – Whether it is your AC repairman or a company that specializes in the removal of these units, having someone who is trained in taking care of an air conditioner dispose of it for you is also a smart option. When the specialist takes the old unit off of your hands, they are aware of the proper way to get rid of it or reuse specific parts that can be salvaged. Putting it in an expert’s hands when getting rid of an old unit is a great way to know that it is not only being taken care of properly but safely as well.

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