Air Conditioning Repair in Lakeland, FL

Air Conditioner

Going without air conditioning in Central Florida is a miserable experience. With temperatures in the 90s and even topping 100 degrees during the long summer season, you must have AC in optimal condition. To keep your house or businesses building cool and comfortable, rely on All-Zone Heating & Air Conditioning of Polk County  for AC maintenance in Lakeland, FL.

Since 1998, our HVAC company has been ensuring the comfort of folks in the area with air conditioning maintenance. Count on our certified technicians to fix the problems home and business owners encounter with your cooling equipment. We provide sales, as well as services that include repair, maintenance, and installation.

AC Maintenance to Fix & Prevent Problems

Your air conditioning equipment benefits greatly from maintenance. This includes repairs when you notice problems, as well as annual preventive maintenance to stop trouble before it happens. Our AC contractor recommends you make an appointment with our technicians in the spring before the weather turns hot and humid. This may be the only service call you need to make.

Just like with the other systems in your house or business, the HVAC system needs attention to operate smoothly and efficiently. Be alert to these warning signs your AC requires service:

  • Water is leaking from the unit.
  • Your energy bill is spiking.
  • The AC smells bad.
  • Your air conditioner is making loud noises.
  • Some rooms in your house or business building are hotter or cooler than others.
  • The AC blows warm air.
  • You can hardly feel any air flowing from the air conditioning equipment.
  • You notice an increasing amount of dust in the house.